Will: That was Murphy?
Yes. He wants another firm to handle his son’s appeal. He wants to take his business elsewhere.
And he’s going with you?
With me?
To your new firm.
You wanna have this out now?
We’re both here.
Who told you? Alicia?
No. She didn’t tell me. In fact, I didn’t even know she already knew.
I’ve asked her to join me.
And she’s considering it?
I think so.
Who else?
Why? So you can weed out the betrayers?
You should have told me, Diane. If I was considering this, I would have told you.
Diane: Are you serious? You and Bond have been plotting for months.
Will: Oh my God, you’re paranoid.
Diane: And I’m right. Tell me I’m not right.
Will: You know what, I’m through telling you. We have not made one single move against you, Diane. Not one.
Diane: You said you never knew Blake? Kalinda found out. You and Blake go back for years, and you and Bond have been systematically turning the equity partners against me.
Will: You are only happy when you think people are lined up against you. So have it! Happy birthday. It’s my present to you- gorge on your own paranoia, but don’t come in tomorrow.
Diane: This is my firm as well.
Will: No, it isn’t! And tomorrow, I’m gonna have guards outside your office doors, and I’m gathering the equity partners.
Diane: To vote me out. Tell me my concerns weren’t real.
Will: You made your concerns real!

The Good Wife 2x10, Breaking Up

This was so intense last night. I think I held my breath this entire scene.

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01/12/11 at 5:10PM
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    This was so intense last night. I think I held my breath this entire scene.
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    Just beware any clips I come across regarding last night’s episode I intend to re-blog. Christine KILLED it in this...
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    It just breaks my heart. WHY is this happening to them?
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